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The JCCL uses three primary forms for the submission of evidence for examination. Please note, these forms were updated effective July 1st, 2012.

  1. Evidence Submission Form (v3.0) 
    The primary form required for submission is the Evidence Submission Form. This form must accompany any evidence submitted to us for analysis, and needs to be filled out as completely as possible.
    - Field 6 (Victim/Suspect Information) must include a victim name/identifier on all submission sheets before evidence will be accepted for examination. A victim identifier should be a proper name, whenever possible. In some cases, the victim might be a more generic identifier such as the State of Kansas, a city, or an “unidentified white female”.
    - Field 7 (Relevant Case Synopsis/Additional Information) is required whenever you are requesting Biology, Digital/Multimedia or Trace analyses.
    - Field 12 (Chain of Custody) will not be filled out until the evidence is actually accepted at the Johnson County Sheriff's Office Criminalistics Laboratory property room.
  2. Resubmission Form (v2.0) 
    This form is only used when you are resubmitting evidence back to the Johnson County Sheriff's Office Criminalistics Laboratory. The reason for the return may lie at your agency, or with the DA, or it might have been based on a request from the laboratory. By filling out this form, our Property Room staff will know how to properly route the evidence upon return so that the analysis is completed in a timely manner.
  3. DNA Submission Form (v3.0) 
    The JCCL instituted a new DNA Submission program in June of 2010.. This program is aimed at identifying the most probative evidence in order that we might analyze it first, thereby providing the most timely and meaningful results to our customer agencies. In general, these questions allow our Biology/DNA analysts to know whether or not samples are eligible for upload and/or search through CODIS, and include the necessary information they need to be be able to complete their analyses in the most timely manner possible. The form was significantly updated in July 2012 in an effort to make the form easier and faster to fill out. See the DNA Submission Program page for more information. 
  4. Digital & Multimedia Submission Form (v1.0)
    This new form replaces the older Video Submission Form.  It is used whenever requesting any "DME" examination including computer forensics and video analysis.  It is required to be completed and included at the time of evidence submission.  It is important to note that a copy of the legal authority (consent, search warrant, etc.) must be included with this form.
Last updated: 5/9/2014 1:19:47 PM