Video Visitation

Visits are subject to recording and surveillance. All video visitations are recorded.

The Detention Division is excited about the expansion of the New Century Adult Detention Center. One of the new features in the new addition is the use of a Video Visitation System. This system will be used to conduct visits with inmates who are housed in the new addition.

The system utilizes two video monitors with camera and hand held phone receivers. This new method of conducting visits will replace the traditional face-to-face visits.

  • All current posted visitor visitation rules apply.
  • Food, drink and smoking are prohibited in the video visitation area.
  • The Lobby Officer will assign visitors to a kiosk booth on the second floor, and will be available for questions if needed.
  • The visitor kiosk will connect with a corresponding kiosk in the inmate housing area.
  • Once both receivers are picked up, the visit will start and last for 55 minutes.
  • With two minutes remaining, the system will give the visitor a warning of the visits ending.
  • After the 55 minutes have passed the video monitor and phone receiver will shut off
  • After the visit, all visitors will return to the lobby, return their pass, and obtain their identification.
  • Please do not write on the video monitors.
  • Please, no inappropriate behavior when in the video kiosks using the video visitation system.