Court Security

Court Security MissionNew Courthouse
We strive to ensure the safety and provide the highest quality of service to the citizens of Johnson County. This is done by providing security in the Johnson County Courthouse where members of the judiciary, the general public, law enforcement officials, and courthouse employees are able to fulfill their duties, obligations, and responsibilities with a minimal threat of danger to their person and/or property.

Court Security Duties

The Court Security Division is a unit which is staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  During business hours, the primary function of this unit is to provide for a safe and orderly environment within the Courthouse, the County Administration Building and the surrounding areas.  Court Security staff maintain a secured entrance to the courthouse by which all persons and their property must pass through a metal detector and x-ray machine.  This function is to identify items that are illegal or prohibited, and to keep these items from entering the Courthouse.  On average, over 600,000 persons enter the Courthouse and are screened each year. 

In addition to providing a secured entrance, deputies provide security when requested or needed for high profile or high risk hearings, attempt warrant arrests, and take subjects into custody when remanded by the courts.  Deputies also conduct perimeter checks, perform civil service, take reports, and perform numerous other tasks as needed. 

After business hours, Court Security Deputies work as a two officer team and continue with building and perimeter security.  They perform warrant confirmations and make notifications to the Investigations Division, and the District Attorney's office when needed.  These deputies also answer general calls from the public, assisting them with a multitude of situations.