Patrol Deputy

The Patrol Deputy is responsible for responding to and handling calls for service, emergency and non emergency, in the unincorporated areas of Johnson County and the Cities of De Soto and Edgerton. The Deputy is assigned a specific district where he/she is the primary officer responsible for preserving the peace, preventing crime, enforcing criminal and traffic laws, investigating crime scenes and motor vehicle accidents and apprehending law violators. During the performance of his/her duties, the Patrol Deputy may also have to respond to calls requiring First Aid or CPR. Additionally, in the absence of the Animal Control Officer (ACO), the Patrol Deputy must assume ACO duties.

Requirements to become a certified Patrol Deputy include successful completion of the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Academy, certification as a Kansas Law Enforcement Officer and satisfactory completion of the Patrol Division’s training program.

Currently, the unincorporated area is divided into six patrol districts with one deputy assigned to each district per shift. Patrol is made up of five crews of five deputies plus a Shift Sergeant and Shift Commander.