The following programs are offered to the community throughout the year by the Sheriff's Office. Dates and times will be posted on our social media sites.  

 Women’s Self Defense (ages 13 and up)

This class focuses on safety awareness, crime prevention tips, and basic self-defense techniques. The training is both discussion and hands-on. Physical activity is encouraged, but not required. Our goal is to empower students with knowledge, skills, and confidence to make themselves safer. Students are welcome to attend multiple classes to enhance learning and proficiency.

Participants are asked to wear athletic clothing.

CPR (ages 13 and up)

American Heart Association Heart Saver Certification Training:

Adult, Child, and Infant CPR
Adult, Child, and Infant Choking

This is a BASIC Certification. 

If you are a healthcare provider, this BASIC Certification may not meet your workplace requirements for certification.

You will be given a CPR Certification Card after the successful completion of the training.

Since there is light physical activity required to perform the techniques, we encourage wearing comfortable clothing.

Bully Awareness (ages 5 to 12)

This class involves discussion on recognizing bully situations, taking basic steps to avoid these situations, and reporting them to a trusted adult.  If a child was to experience a physical bully encounter, they are taught basic techniques to defend themselves and disengage.

Children are asked to wear athletic clothing.

Parents are asked to remain at the Training Center during class.